All of these people are part of my Quaker based “family” archive, though not necessarily shown in the specimen PDF trees shown on this site. Of those in the archive, there are a number whose prominence in the arts, sciences, industry and social welfare is such, that Wikipedia have seen fit to give them space. Through blood or marriage, they can all be shown to be related directly, or indirectly to each other. This is only a specimen list.

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      Key: Purple = Quaker.  Green = Of Quaker family within 2 Generations.  Red = Of Quaker antecedents in 3 or more generations. 

    Beige = Changed from Quaker to other Religious group.  Turquoise = Person linked to Quaker lineage by marriage. 


William Cookworthy Pharmacist Robert Falcon Scott Antarctic Explorer
Dr. Thomas Hodgkin Pathologist Dr. William Colebrook Reynolds Chemist
Edward Newman Entomologist Sir Andrew Fielding Huxley Physiologist & Biophysicist (Nobel Laureate)
Silvanus P. Thompson Physicist & Electrical Engineer Dr. Rendel Sebastian Pease Physicist
Frederick Sanger Biochemist. (Twice Nobel Laureate) Dr.Theodore Howard Somervell Medical Missionary & Mountaineer
Katherine Maria Routledge Anthropologist Sir Ernest Rutherford Physicist & Chemist. (Nobel Laureate)
Dr. Lionel Penrose Psychiatrist Frederick Ransome Geologist
Prof. Oliver Penrose Theoretical Physicist Prof. Sir Roger Penrose Mathematical Physicist
James Backhouse Botanist Dr. John Fothergill Physician and Plant Collector
Sir Arthur Eddington Astrophysicist. Sir Rickman Godlee Bt. Surgeon
Robert Were Fox Geologist Horace Alexander Ornithologist & Teacher
Luke Howard.   Meteorologist. Sir Joseph Lister Bt. Pioneer of Antiseptic Surgery
Lewis Fry Richardson   Meteorologist & Physicist Joseph Jackson Lister Optical Engineer
William Allen Pharmacist Sir George Newman Chief Medical Officer
Silvanus Bevan Pharmacist Dr. Daniel Hack Tuke Mental Welfare Practitioner
Dr. George Birkbeck Physician and Philanthropist Sir Francis Galton Scientist & Polymath 
Jeremiah Dixon Surveyor & Astronomer Sir Alan Lloyd Hodgkin Physiologist & Biophysicist (Nobel Laureate)
Prof. Sir Edward Burnett Tylor Anthropologist Sir Nevill Francis Mott Physicist (Nobel Laureate)
Sir Robert Geoffrey Edwards Physiologist (Nobel Laureate) Edward Long Fox Psychiatrist & founder of Brislington House
Alfred Dillwyn Knox Papyrologist and Bletchley Park Cryptanalyst Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton Antarctic Explorer
Michael Stewart Pease Classical Geneticist
Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin X-ray Crystallographer (Nobel Laureate) Francis Peyton Rous Virologist (Nobel Laureate)


Samuel Galton Gun Manufacturer
Thomas Edmondson Inventor of Railway Tickets Edgar Pickard Ironmaster & Camera Manufacturer
John Richardson Wigham Lighthouse Engineer George Bradshaw Railway Timetable Publisher
Jonathan Dodgson Carr Biscuit maker of Carlisle Edward Pease The Father of Railways
Edwin Octavius Tregelles Ironmaster Henry Christy Hat Manufacturer, Banker & Ethnologist
Henry Isaac Rowntree Founder of Rowntrees Chocolate Thomas William Worsdell Locomotive engineer
Sir Raylton Dixon Shipbuilder Isaac Reckitt Starch Manufacturer
Frederick Ransome Engineer & Inventor George Dixon Canal Builder & Engineer
Joseph Rowntree Chocolate Manufacturer Charles Hesterman Merz Electrical Engineer
Joseph Storrs Fry Chocolate Manufacturer William Dent Priestman Engineer
George Cadbury Chocolate Manufacturer Abraham Darby 1st Ironmaster
John Cadbury Chocolate Manufacturer Abraham Darby 2nd Ironmaster
Cyrus & James Clark Shoe Manufacturers Abraham Darby 3rd Ironmaster
James Cudworth Locomotive Engineer Robert Were Fox Industrialist
John Wigham Richardson Shipbuilder John Fowler Agricultural Engineer
Sir Joseph Whitwell Pease Bt. Banker, Ironmaster & Politician Mark Birley Entrepreneur
Sir Ambrose Crowley Ironmaster Joseph Pease Railway Pioneer & Industrialist
Joseph Crosfield Soap & Chemical Manufacturer Prof. Bill Moggridge Designed the first laptop & Palm V


Paul Clark Eddington Actor Sir Peter Scott Painter and Ornithologist
Sir Basil Rathbone Actor Christopher Cazenove Actor
Anna Sewell Novelist William Miller Engraver & colourist
Alfred Waterhouse Architect Edward Reynolds Pease Co-founder of The Fabian Society
Roger Fry Artist Sir John Cecil Masterman Academic and Author
George Macaulay Trevelyan Historian Sir Peter Scott Artist, Ornithologist and Conservationist
Sir Roland Penrose Artist William Pumphrey Pioneer Photographer
William Jowitt. 1st Earl Jowitt Lord High Chancellor Jonathan Penrose Chess Grandmaster
Sir Howard Hodgkin Painter & Printmaker Thomas Hodgkin Historian
Barclay Fox Diarist Francis Frith Photographer
Caroline Fox Diarist William Pollard Photographer & Quaker Minister
Sir Ralph Richardson Actor    
Robert Bevan Artist Aubrey Buxton. Lord Buxton Television Executive
Wystan Hugh Auden Poet Sir Edmund Backhouse Bt. Oriental Scholar
Richard Bevan Braithwaite Philosopher Imogen Stubbs Actress
Sir Alfred Edward Pease Bt. Author, Politician & Sportsman Sir Peter Llewellyn Gwynn-Jones Garter Principal King of Arms
Samuel Lucas Painter Stephen Dodgson Composer and Broadcaster
Jeremy Brett Actor Sam Hoare Actor
Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood Actress Rachel Gurney Actress
Celia Imrie Actress Angus Imrie Actor
Sir David Lean Film Director Henry Scott Tuke Painter

Social Welfare & Reform

William Wavell Wakefield Liberal Party Peer Sir Joseph Simpson Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police
Barclay Fowell Buxton Theologian & Missionary Lord Clement Jones Liberal Party Peer
Elizabeth Fry Prison Reformer Philip Noel-Baker Diplomat & Academic (Nobel Laureate)
Sir Edward Fry Judge. Court of Appeal Vice-Admiral Constantine Moorsom Abolitionist & Railway Chairman
Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton Bt. Politician & Anti-slavery Campaigner Benjamin Flounders Philanthropist
Robert Barclay Quaker Theologian Margaret Fell Wife of George Fox
John Bright Liberal Politician George Fox Founder of the Quakers
Charles Roden Buxton Politician and Philanthropist Samuel Fox Philanthropist
Margery Fry Prisoner Reformer & Educator Joan Mary Fry Social Reformer
Joseph John Gurney Quaker Minister & Banker Peter St. Clair Erskine, 7th Earl of Rosslyn Commander, Metropolitan Police
Joseph Rowntree Educator Joseph Rowntree Philanthropist & Chocolate Manufacturer
James Hack Tuke Philanthropist Joseph Sturge Anti-Slavery Campaigner
Robert Spence Watson Politician and Reformer Sir John Gurney Judge & Baron of The Exchequer
Daniel Wheeler Quaker Missionary Isabella Ormston Ford Social reformer
Samuel Tuke Mental Health Reformer William Tuke Mental Health Reformer
Dame Cressida Rose Dick Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police    
Henry Joel Cadbury Social Activist Elizabeth Nichol Abolitionist

Finance & Brokerage

Sir Jonathan Edmund Backhouse Bt. Banker Crispin Odey Financial Manager
Samuel Hoare Banker & Slavery Abolitionist    
Sampson Lloyd Banker    
John Varley Banker    

Armed Services, Church & Politics

The Most Rev. Frank Woods Primate of Australia Rt. Rev. Sir Robin Wilmer Woods Bishop of Winchester
Rt. Hon. William Edward Forster Liberal Party Statesman Rt. Hon. John Bright Liberal Party Statesman
Timothy Beaumont, Lord Beaumont Clergyman and Liberal Politician Edward Teshmaker Busk Pioneer of Aircraft Design
Richard Howard Stafford Crossman Politician Francis Leslie Pym. Baron Pym Politician
Joseph Albert Pease, Baron Gainford Chairman of the BBC & Politician Sir Robert Nicholas Fowler Bt. Politician and Lord Mayor of London
Rt. Rev. Rt. Hon. Dr. Donald Coggan Archbishop of Canterbury Rt. Hon. Sir Edward Bridges. Baron Bridges Cabinet Secretary
Sir Edward Birkbeck Wakefield Bt. Politician Samuel Prideaux Tregelles Biblical Scholar
Rt. Hon. Charles Masterman Politician Air Chief Marshal Sir Claude Pelly Air Chief Marshal
Rt. Rev. Rt. Hon. Dr. John Habgood Archbishop of York George Ambrose Lloyd. Baron Lloyd High Commissioner to Egypt
Lewis Fry Politician Ronald Knox Theologian
Field Marshal Lord Harding Chief of the Imperial General Staff    
Admiral Sir Roger Backhouse Admiral of The Fleet Noel Edward Noel-Buxton. Lord Noel-Buxton Politician & Rights Campaigner
Sir Samuel Hoare. Viscount Templewood Politician Isaac Crewdson Schismatic Author & Quaker Minister
Joseph Pease First Quaker MP Charles Philip Fothergill Politician
Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton Bt. Governor of South Australia General Sir Edward Francis Chapman Soldier

The Order of Merit

The Order of Merit (founded 1902), is the gift of the reigning Sovereign and is given for outstanding service in the military, science, art literature and culture. It is restricted to 24 persons at any time. The following of Quaker descent or close connection by marriage or children, have been awarded it.

Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin, Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington, Oliver Shewell Franks, Graham Greene, Alan Lloyd Hodgkin, Field Marshal Jan Smuts, Michael Eliot Howard, Andrew Fielding Huxley, Bertrand Russell, Ernest Rutherford, Frederick Sanger

Companion of Honour

Founded in 1917, it is given for outstanding achievement in arts, literature, music, science, politics, industry or religion. It restricted principally to 65 plus the reigning Sovereign.

Edward Verrall Lucas, Rev. John Baillie, Graham Greene, Gordon Howard Eliot Hodgkin, Michael Eliot Howard, Nancy Astor, Sir Nevill Francis Mott, Sir William Robertson Nicoll, Frederick Sanger, Field Marshal Jan Smuts, Annie Elizabeth Frederika Horniman, Sir George Adrian Hayhurst Cadbury

More prominent Quaker founded Businesses (Many now subsumed into, part of,  or critical component of,  larger, modern  conglomerates).

Fox Brothers & Co. Ltd. Twinings Fowler of Leeds Elementis plc Marriage's of Chelmsford
Barclays Bank Allen & Hanbury Reckitt & Colman Price Waterhouse Coopers Waterford Crystal
Lloyds Bank Cadbury of Bournville K Shoes of Kendal Truman Hanbury Buxton Friends Provident
Rowntree of York Bryant & May Clarks Shoes of Somerset Carr's of Carlisle Gray, Dunn. Biscuits
Ransome of Ipswich Stockton and Darlington Railway Gilkes & Gordon of Kendal Huntley & Palmer Kleinwort-Benson
J. S. Fry & Sons. Albright & Wilson Jacobs Biscuits Horniman's Tea Peek Frean Biscuits
Tangye Engineering Priestman Brothers Southall Brothers & Barclay Sessions of York The Prudential Assurance Co.
Octavius Hunt Ltd. Hayward Tyler Group plc Fieldfisher    

Members of the current Heritable & some of the Life Peerage who descend in part from Quaker family forebears. Names are given in green. Note: The presence of a Courtesy title in the first sixteen  shown, indicate the Quaker descent is on their mothers side of the family. Each will succeed to the main heritable title in time.

Hon. Ralph Christopher Assheton. Eldest son of the 2nd Baron Clitheroe. Descends from the Barclays, Hanbury, Champion, Crowley, Freame & Lloyd families. Hon. Edward Alexander Arthur. Eldest son of the 4th Baron Glenarthur. Descends from the Barclays, Hanbury, Birkbeck, Lloyd, Wilson & Gurney families. Hon. Thomas Edward Greenall. Eldest son of the 4th Baron Daresbury. Descends from the Pease, Lloyd, Richardson, Braithwaite, Whitwell, Wilson & Coates families. Hon. William David Eccles. Eldest son of the 2nd Viscount Eccles. Descends from the Sturge, Lloyd, Darby, Braithwaite, Howard, Jowitt, Crewdson, Benson & Dilworth families.
Hon. Alexander Thomas Trenchard. Eldest son of the 3rd Viscount Trenchard. Descends from the Barclay, Gurney, Reynolds, Sheppard,  Ford, Bell, Bartlett, Kett and Freame families. Henry Robert Fitzroy Somerset, Marquess of Worcester. Eldest son of the 12th Duke of Beaufort.. Descends from the Gurney, Kett, Middleton, Bell, Freame, Gould & Barclay families. Alexander Cholmondeley, Earl of Rocksavage. Eldest son of the Marquess of Cholmondeley. Descends from the Hanbury, Lloyd, Crowley,  Freame & Barclay families. Archie Frederick Campbell, Marquess of Lorne. Eldest son of the Duke of Argyll. Descends from the Corbyn, Palmer, Pumphrey, Dodgson, Wheeler, Cadbury, Tylor & Moon families.
Hon. Henry William Frederick Fletcher-Vane. Son of the 2nd Baron Inglewood. Descends from the Fox, Lloyd, Middleton, Hoyland, Were, Tregelles, Braithwaite, Wilson, Barnes, Hingston, Debell, Croker, Parkes, Foster, Benson &  families. Hon. Thomas Stafford Northcote, Viscount St. Cyres. Son of the 5th Earl of Iddesleigh. Descends from the Wakefield, Bell, Barclay & Freame families. Charles Patrick Inigo Armstrong- Jones. Son of David Albert Charles Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linley, son of the Earl of Snowdon. Descends from the Pearsall, Farnell & Broome families. James Chester Campbell, Viscount Emlyn, son of Colin Robert Vaughan Campbell, 7th Earl Cawdor. Descends from the Pearsall, Farnell & Broome families.
David Simon John Wodehouse. Lord Wodehouse. Son of John Armine Wodehouse, 5th Earl of Kimberley. Descends from the Clark, Marsh, Bryant, Gunn, Isaac, Palmer, Patteson & Godden  families. Hon. Ralph William Robert Stonor. Son of the Rt. Hon. Sir Ralph Thomas Campion George Sherman Stonor, 7th Lord Camoys. Descends from the Ashworth, Binns, Thomasson, Sutcliffe & Pearson  families. Hon. John James Thomas Dalrymple, Viscount Dalrymple. Son of John David James Dalrymple, the 14th Earl of Stair. Descends from the Ashworth, Binns, Thomasson, Sutcliffe & Pearson  families. Hon. Martin Guy Fiennes. Eldest surviving son of the 15th Baron Saye & Sele. Descends from the Gurney, Sheppard, Bell, Barclay, Kett, Bartlett & Freame families.
Roger Bootle-Wilbraham. 7th Baron Skelmersdale. Descends from the Portsmouth, Applegarth & Bevington  families. Alastair Stephen Grant Williamson. 4th Baron Forres. Descends from the Harford, Scandrett, Lloyd, Parkes, Fidoe, Gray & King  families. (David) Paul (Cedric) Davies. 4th Baron Darwen. Descends from the Kemp, Grover, Harrison, Rickman, Baker, Horne Barratt & Brown  families. Raymond Benedict Bartholomew Asquith. 3rd Earl of Oxford and Asquith. Descends from the Vickris, Dickinson and Bishop families.
Mark John Henry Pepys. 9th Earl of Cottenham. Descends from the Dearman, Womersley & Bassett  families. Christopher George Charles Nevill. 6th Marquess of Abergavenny. Descends from the Dearman, Womersley & Bassett  families. Michael Henry Hicks-Beach. 3rd Earl of St. Aldwyn. Descends from the Fielden & Vipont  families. Richard Oliver Stanley. 9th Baron Sheffield. Descends from the Pattinson & Lee  families.
Lawrence Mark Dundas, 4th Marquess of Zetland. Descends from the Pike, Fennell, Nicholson & Pim families. Diana Catherine Sturge, Baroness Eccles. Baroness in own right. Descends from Sturge, Dickinson, Lloyd, Jowitt, Benson, Howard, Braithwaite, Crewdson, Darby, Wilson, Dilworth, Wakefield, Leatham, Forster and Benson families. Kenneth Peter Lyle Mackay, 4th Earl of Inchcape. Descends from the Pease, Whitwell, Gurney, Chapman, Pike, Bevan, Barclay, Wilson, Richardson, Chapman, Pim, Coates & Wilson families. Sir Arthur Grey Hazlerigg Bt., 3rd Baron Hazlerigg. Descends from the Buxton, Hanbury, Fry, Gurney, Reynolds,  Storrs, Foster, Lloyd, Freame & Crowley families.
George Pease, 4th Baron Gainford. Descends from the Pease, Whitwell, Gurney, Chapman, Wilson, Lloyd, Braithwaite, Tregelles, Fox, Hingston, Richardson, Coates, Foster, Debell, Were, Darby, Croker, Crowley & Benson families. Peregrine Andrew Morny Cavendish, 12th Duke of Devonshire. Descends from the Crowley family. Mark Thomas Bridges, 4th Baron Bridges. Descends from the, Howard, Waterhouse, Hodgkin, Bevan, Impey, Fox, Capper, Fry, Rickman, Leatham, Clough, Armistead & Were families. Andrew Ian Henry Russell, 15th Duke of Bedford. Descends from the Whitwell, Hustler, Wilson, Jowitt, Benson, Crewdson, Dilworth, & Storrs families.
Alexander David Mungo Murray, 9th Earl of Mansfield. Descends from the Barclay, Reynolds, Foster, Gurney & Freame families. William Humble David Jeremy Ward, 5th Earl of Dudley. Descends from the Gurney, Kett, Bell and Barclay families. Henry Robert Pomeroy, 11th Viscount Harberton. Descends from the Leatham, Wilson, Fowler, Rutty and Warner families. James Nigel Arden Adderley, 8th Baron Norton. Descends from the Gurney, Barclay, Wilson, Birkbeck, Bartlett, Freame and Armitstead  families.
Peter St. Clair-Erskine, 7th Earl of Rosslyn. Descends from the Crowley family. Andrew Walter Hepburne-Scott, 11th Lord Polwarth. Descends from the Buxton, Hanbury, Gurney,  Lloyd, Freame & Crowley families. Hugh Francis Nevile Crossley, 4th Baron Somerleyton. Descends from the Gurney, Hoare, Bell, Kett, Barclay & Springall families. Rt. Rev. Rt. Hon. John Stapylton Habgood, Baron Habgood. Descends from the Barclay, Tritton & Freame families.
Lloyd Nicholas Tyrell-Kenyon, 7th Baron Kenyon. Descends from the Clough family. Charles Henry Leicester Stanhope, 12th Earl of Harrington. Descends from the Pearsall, Farnell & Broome families.  Charles Peregrine Courtenay, 19th Earl of Devon. Descends from the Vickris & Taylor families. Timothy John Edward Tollemache, 5th Baron Tollemache. Descends from the Hanbury, Lloyd, Barclay, Freame and Crowley families.
Charles Connal Noel-Buxton, 4th Baron Noel-Buxton. Descends from the Buxton Gurney, Bell, Hanbury, Kett, Lloyd, Champion, Crowley, Bartlett and Freame families. William Alexander Sidney Herbert, 18th Earl of Pembroke. Descends from the Fry, Gurney, Reynolds, Barclay, Leatham, Walker, Pease, Whitwell, Chapman, Storrs, Wilson, Richardson & Coates families. Anthony David Francis Henry Fane, 15th Earl of Westmorland. Descends from the Backhouse, Gurney, Fox, Hustler, Birkbeck, Tregelles, Were, Pease, Coates, Chapman, Hington, Armistead & Storrs families. William Allan John Harding. 3rd Baron Harding. Descends from the Rooke, Storey, Wilson, Hutchinson, Atkinson, Barnes, Skirrow, Evans, Sibson, Bancks & Baker families.
Roger Cunliffe, 3rd Baron Cunliffe. Descends from the Gurney, Bell, Kett, Barclay, Sheppard , Freame & Bartlett families. Alastair John Morrison, 3rd Baron Margadale,. Descends from the Barclay, Gurney, Reynolds, Sheppard,  Ford, Bell, Bartlett, Kett and Freame families. Richard Anthony Head, 2nd Viscount Head. Descends from the Beck, Lucas, Seaman, Bowly, Lister, Leatham, Freshfield, Gurney, Wheeler and Howard families. Charles David Montagu Hay, 14th Marquess of Tweeddale. Descends from the Barclay, Sheppard, Reynolds, Ford, Gurney, Bell, Kett & Bartlett families.
Leopold David Verney, 21st Baron Willoughby de Broke. Descends from the Hanbury, Lloyd,  Barclay, Freame, Champion & Crowley families. Hugh Francis Nevile Crossley, 4th Baron Somerleyton. Descends from the Gurney, Hoare, Bell, Kett, Barclay & Springall families. Peter David Raymond Charles Clegg-Hill. 9th Viscount Hill of Hawkstone and of Hardwicke.Descends from the Chapman, Scarth, Barclay, Bell,  & Freame families. John Nicholas Pelham, 9th Earl of Chichester. Descends from the Buxton, Gurney, Hanbury, Freame, Lloyd & Crowley  families.
Timothy Francis Clement-Jones. Baron Clement-Jones. Descends from the Wakefield, Beakbane, Cropper, Backhouse, Benson & Wilson  families. David John Seyfried-Herbert. 19th Baron Herbert.  Descends from the Harford, Lloyd, Jones, Scandrett, Parkes, Fidoe & Gray families. Dr. Gathorne Gathorne-Hardy, 5th Earl of Cranbrook Descends from the Tuke,  Seebohm, Wheeler,  Albright, Exton, Hoyland  & Ransom families. Jonathan Hugo Durival Kemp, 3rd Viscount Rochdale. Descends from the Pease, Coates, Fossick, Lucas and Richardson families.
Anthony Tudor St. John, 22nd Baron St. John of Bletso. Descends from the Pease & Rickman  families.

James McMoran Wilson. 3rd Baron Moran. Descends from the Fossick, Fox,  Rowntree, Masterman, Richardson & Stephenson families.

Philip John Algernon Sidney. 2nd Viscount De L'Isle. Descends from the Bevan, Barclay, Mollison, Taylor, Vickris & Bishop families.

Harry John Charles McGowan. 4th Baron McGowan. Descends from the Dearman, Womersley & Bassett  families.
Luke Richard White. 6th Baron Annaly. Descends from the Dearman, Womersley & Bassett  families. Raymond Hervey Joliffe. 5th Baron Hylton. Descends from the Dickinson, Vickris & Bishop families. Christopher Lionel Baliol Brett., 5th Viscount Esher. Descends from the Pike, Pim, Nicholson, Clibborn and Fennell  families. James Adrian Collier. 6th Baron Monkswell. Descends from the Collier, Hardcastle, Croker, Bevan and Fox  families.
Charles James Spencer-Churchill, 12th Duke of Marlborough. Descends from the Barclay, Vickris, Gurney, Middleton, Kett, Springall, Hanbury, Lloyd, Crowley, Champion, Truman, Freame & Tyrell families. Alastair Charles St. Clair Sutherland, 25th Earl of Sutherland. Descends from the Dearman, Lloyd, Janson, I'Anson, Braithwaite, Barnes, Foster, Wilson, Benson, Crowley & Fox families. Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox. 11th Duke of Richmond. Descends from the Hanbury, Lloyd, Barclay, Champion, Freame and Crowley families. John Douglas Stuart,  21st Earl of Moray. Descends from the Barclay, Reynolds, Bell, Freame, Foster, Bartlett & Gurney families.
James Patrick Montagu Burgoyne Winthrop Stopford. 9th Earl of Courtown. Descends from the Harman, Mildred, Harford, Gurnell, Truman, Vickris and Wilmer families. Henry Oliver Charles Fitzroy, 12th Duke of Grafton. Descends from the Buxton, Gurney, Hanbury, Lloyd, Champion, Kett, Bell, Freame, Crowley & Barclay families. Adrian Bailie Nottage Palmer. 4th Baron Palmer. Descends from the Clark, Marsh, Bryant, Gunn, Isaac, Palmer, Patteson & Godden  families. Sir Henry Charles McLaren, 4th Baron Aberconway. Descends from the Bright, Lucas, Satterthwaite, Braithwaite, Wood, Tyson, Pochin and King  families.